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BancorpSouth has teamed up with Hip Brand Group to introduce their brand to Central Texas. After learning about the BancorpSouth brand, the word “hygge” came to mind. A Danish concept taking over in the US and the hot new buzzword in advertising, at its essence, hygge combines the feeling of comfort, security, well-being and togetherness. This concept fits nicely with the BancorpSouth brand and personality: friendly, engaging, trustworthy and comfortable.


While it is important for the approach to reflect the BancorpSouth brand of bigger than life customer service, we also set out to give it a custom Central Texas feel in message and design. Incorporating the State’s iconic legends and images into our messaging, from the flag to the claim that “everything is bigger in Texas”, makes BancorpSouth appear more relatable to the Texas audience.


The direction speaks to Texans’ self-image which goes a long way towards BancorpSouth being seen as a local bank in Texas. Texans pride themselves on their “larger than life” history and fierce individualism. The campaign speaks to these values by communicating that BancorpSouth shares them, maybe even more than local Texas banks. At the same time, it is fun and colorful, to make BancorpSouth appear approachable to the new communities they are now serving.

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