Bank Local. Get More.



Bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially when it comes to banks. FirstBank is growing into a super community bank with lots to offer. As mega banks get bigger and smaller community banks dwindle, truly great local banks will be harder to come by. When working on a brand book for FirstBank, we pitched the idea of Bank Local. Get More. as a brand theme to use externally and Bank Local. Give More. as a theme to use internally to kick start a new Give More initiative volunteer program for associates.


The Bank Local. Get More. theme was first launched to FirstBank’s internal brand captains with new volunteer t-shirts and events designed to build excitement. For the first time in the bank’s history, an internal brand book was developed with the goal of making FirstBank’s associates their greatest brand champions. In addition, a new brand guidelines and brand quick guide were also launched for vendors.


FirstBank has grown their brand by staying authentic to who they are. You can walk into any branch and find a welcoming smile and a willingness to help. That’s the cornerstone of the FirstBank brand, an identity that’s not created on paper or film, but in the banking experience of generations of customers. As the new brand theme was launched, the What’s Your More? campaign is being developed and launched externally with a newly energized team of associates to give it life.

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