FNB Bank



FNB Bank founded in 1875 in Mayfield, Kentucky, had a rich history but to remain competitive in the changing banking landscape, they knew their brand needed a reset for the future. How could they differentiate themselves against other local banks? Against mega banks?


After an in-depth discovery and strategic phase, Hip Brand recommended a new look for FNB and a new brand personality that would touch every aspect of the organization both internally and externally. The new brand would convey authenticity, important of traditions, simplicity, relationships, community building and empowerment. To accomplish this, the repositioning brands FNB customers as a distinct type of hardworking Kentuckians, self-starting and independent people. To do this, we drew on the exciting history and spirit of both the communities in FNB’s footprint and on the bank’s over 140-year legacy “in Kentucky”.


As FNB Bank was made over, we celebrated first with employees and then with FNB’s customers and communities. The Spring Makeover Kentucky Swag Celebration launched a new bank brand ready for the future with a new look, new products, Digital Guides in each branch and a renewed commitment to remaining a local bank ready to serve. The results were a much bigger brand presence and a marked increase in depositors.

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