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We are proud to partner with the financial institutions building communities, local businesses and our families’ future. From first steps to an expanded footprint, we typically start every client relationship with a discovery phase that includes getting to know both you, your culture and your customers.

That’s how we help clients like you write every chapter of their story. Like all stories, our client’s histories have many twists and turns, but they always turn to us. We have helped clients rename their banks or credit unions, make a name, or bring new life to their longtime name. We have been called on to help clients keep their relationships and image intact through pandemic messaging, mergers and the acquisition of other institutions.

We create brands that are foundations to build on as you add new products, services and branches. We would welcome the opportunity to explore a partnership with your bank or credit union.

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Our business model gives us the flexibility to tailor our services to your needs. You may prefer hourly billing, an annual retainer commitment or project based. Here are a few of the Marketing Packages we’ve offered with pricing to be determined based on the size of your organization. With Hip Brand, what you’ll get is just what you need.

Hip Brand Marketing Packages


What You’ll Get

Whether you’re expanding into new markets, or your branding has become dated or inconsistent, we help you review your current brand assets to ensure they align with where your brand is headed. If they do not, it’s time to recharge. In many cases, a complete rebrand can be avoided to save time and money. Our brand review can provide you with a roadmap for an effective brand refresh that could include your logo or colors, a reskin of your website or even redefining your marketing messaging. Though your immediate needs may not be comprehensive, some financial institutions know that as they grow to new markets or merge with another bank, a complete rebrand is necessary. Our rebrand packages can include everything from a new name exploration, logo and brand guidelines to the re-development of everything your brand touches from your mobile app and website to your branch interiors and signage. Brand not taking you places? You’ve come to the right place.


What You’ll Get

Your website touches every aspect of your organization’s story so therefore it should be the centerpiece of your brand, your digital branch. At Hip Brand, we don’t treat websites as just technical projects; we view them as an opportunity to showcase your brand, your products and services and above all else, the benefits a customer can expect from banking with you. We build custom, dynamic website experiences that are focused on your conversion goals. The websites we build are built to last for years down the road, expandable and adaptable as technology changes. We don’t just build websites. We build your most visited branch.


What You’ll Get

The online marketplace is very competitive. In order to see results, you need to differentiate your financial institution from the crowd. Only a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy can help you with this. From SEO, SEM and CTV/OTT Video to Cross Platform Display Banners, Paid Social and Site Retargeting, we provide a creative and digital media strategy that stands out. Creative that cuts through and landing pages and microsites that convert round out our digital offerings. Get digital that screens out the competition.


What You’ll Get

Why should your bank or credit union get noticed on social media? Because it helps you tap into the vast pool of potential customers who are out there, just waiting to connect with your brand. With a well-crafted social media strategy, your FI will attract more attention, turning those casual scrollers into loyal followers. We work with you to map out an annual social media calendar with the social assets package and content needed for implementation either by you or with us as your social media manager. Your social channels give you the online spaces to be authentic, unique with fresh ideas and inspiration and to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Tap into social and what you’ll post are earnings.


What You’ll Get

Everyone knows that a bank merger requires clear, consistent communications with associates and customers from both organizations. It’s important to communicate early and put as much focus on the communications as you do on the mechanics of the conversion. We have helped FI’s build and launch effective communications plans around M&A delivering branded messaging for all constituents. Turn big changes into big marketing opportunities.



What You’ll Get

Nothing differentiates your financial institution more than product branding. Rolling out a new checking and savings bundle? A new and better money market or CD? A new digital banking platform? Let us help you with custom branding and a campaign launch plan complete with the assets you need. From product logos to an asset package that can include in-branch posters and collateral, direct mail, traditional and digital advertising, online landing pages, videos, a launch plan and more! Get marketing that even reminds you how great your products are.


What You’ll Get

Get ready to host more events and watch your brand and your network grow. Events provide a unique opportunity for your audiences to interact directly with your brand. Let us help you put together celebrations that will be the talk of the town. We provide a turnkey approach to event creation, community appreciation events and grand openings, providing everything you need from the theme to the launch. Events can be important in building brand awareness and can be a great way to showcase your products and services to a wider audience. Growing your network is actually fun and games.


What You’ll Get

It's not just a passing trend; it's a clear indication that videos have become a preferred and engaging medium for audiences. If you want to stay ahead in the game, use video or television to create brand awareness, get conversations started and build connections that resonate with your audience. We help you build your broadcast strategy from creative scriptwriting through full production services. And don’t forget radio; we are pros at producing radio spots that not only entertain but get your FI noticed. Get the broadcast that really makes waves.


What You’ll Get

Financial institutions know that their people are their greatest asset and they should be recognized for their hard work and role in carrying out the mission of the organization. Also, as your greatest brand champions, they need to be energized to display confidence in your brand. At Hip Brand, we have helped numerous FIs attract the best talent by creating programs that highlight those who are reaching above and beyond. Recognizing excellence makes everyone feel seen.


What You’ll Get

Strategic planning provides banks with a roadmap that leads them from their current status to their desired future state. Many times, before you can embark on an exciting new marketing campaign with all the bells and whistles, you need to first determine what your organization is reaching for. The world of banking is changing rapidly, driven by technological innovations, evolving customer preferences, and a shifting global landscape. Get ready to embrace change with the plan to make the most of it.

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