Regulatory Solutions



Regulatory Solutions, one of the premiere mortgage quality control service providers in the country, needed an online portal that better reflected their expertise and services. Hip Brand Group developed a strategy that clearly communicated the firm’s strengths in a site that would serve as a prime sales funnel.


A branded website was developed after discovery helped determine the key messaging architecture. We recommended a blog or news section be part of the site where they could build an audience of subscribers or potential customers. The HMDA industry is constantly experiencing major changes. By posting weekly updates, we set out to build organic search traffic to the site. We also launched a Pay Per Click campaign to further increase traffic and awareness.


For the first time in the company’s history, thousands of potential clients are visiting the site which anchors their new positioning as an industry leader. By posting new content on a regular basis, clients now have a reason to come back. They can also subscribe to RegAlert to receive alerts when new information is posted. To round out the enhanced marketing, a print and online campaign in Mortgage Compliance Magazine is also working to bring additional traffic to the site and build more momentum.

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