Say Hello To Spring



When banks merge or add branches, a great welcome campaign can make customers feel part of an inclusive new bank family. Working with FirstBank as they have grown from a $2.5 billion asset bank to over $12 billion has entailed creating several memorable merger campaigns that proved to be popular with customers.


The FirstBank/Atlantic Capital Bank campaign launched in April 2019, so we made Spring the theme. The theme fit perfectly because it identified the conversion with a season of growth, the beginning of something new and the joy of looking forward to what’s ahead. From handing out customized sunflower seed packets and branded sunglasses to colorful, fun in branch giveaways and treats, this successful campaign had customers taking a shine to the best of community banking.


Along with the in-branch campaign, we launched a Say Hello To Spring Giveaway and sixweek promotion on Facebook to build momentum among FirstBank’s entire customer base.

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