Georgia First Bank



The people who helped to create the city of Soperton and the Bank of Soperton were pioneers and planners with many historic “firsts” and that same spirit is alive in the people that run the bank today. Timber planting was invented in Soperton as Vidalia onions were rooted in Vidalia. It was time for the bank to evolve its brand identity and have one brand umbrella for both bank names currently being used.


After an agency search, Hip Brand was chosen to create a new name and look for the century old bank. Many names that tapped into the history of the area were explored from Heartwood Bank to Open Field Bank. But one name stood out from the rest: Georgia First Bank. While Georgia First may sound more like a statewide bank, it is a great name for a local bank focused on putting the people in the small towns of Georgia first. The name also celebrates the region as fertile ground for “firsts”, from the Vidalia Onion to timber farming.


Georgia First and the distinctive GF icon will become a new community bank brand that shares a common ground with its customers, common interests with its communities and most importantly, a shared history. The name is short with an easy to remember URL (, sounds like an established bank and has the word First in it which means foremost in position, importance or rank. It just makes you feel you have a bank doing great things for Georgia and for the people who live there.

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