Grander Openings



When financial institutions branch out to new markets or increase their footprint in existing ones, it is an opportunity to grab attention and stand out as a bank or credit union rooted in community. Hip Brand has worked with FirstBank since 2015 when they were a $2.5B asset bank. Their assets have now reached close to $13B in 2024 and Hip Brand has provided the communications support for many grand openings along the way.


Before we start creative development for grand openings, we take the time to learn about the local area. For the four grand openings featured on this page, we had a lot of great local flavor to pull from. From the Magic City to the Rocket City, the local themes we used were memorable and helped to communicate that, like the communities they serve, FirstBank isn’t your typical, stodgy bank.


Grander openings that attract attention and new customers pay off. By looking to each city to see what makes them special, FirstBank is viewed as a good community citizen right out of the starting gate. This locally targeted messaging encourages local citizens to bank local and get more, the unique selling point that has become FirstBank’s brand slogan.

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