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Credit unions look to grow their membership targeting a younger demographic and increasing loans such as credit cards, auto, mortgages and personal loans. To do this, many are seeking guidance to reset their brand. Heritage Valley in York, Pa., founded in 1935, knew they had a lot to offer from great rates and service to the latest technology, but that they weren’t communicating these strengths. They set out to find an agency they could partner with who could help them craft their powerful brand story.


We started this partnership with a discovery phase including a brand audit interviewing key management and select employees to help us better understand their brand. What we found was a remarkable group of dedicated employees and a credit union with so much to offer. Heritage Valley had a great tagline, Effortless Banking, that we set out to bring to life as the foundation of their enhanced brand. After a logo refresh and a website redesign, we helped them launch a series of digital media campaigns for their various loan products, bringing in Q1 Media as our digital media partner.


Effortless Banking came to life with eye-catching new banners in their branches. Campaigns are now being developed that feature a more modern look, more youthful imagery and more attention-getting concepts created to stand out in the digital and social media space. We are building meaning into the Heritage Valley name by focusing on the heritage they share with their members who they always put first, providing tech-driven convenience, better rates and effortless banking that’s easy to love. Heritage Valley is now laying the right brand identity foundation that will help them stand out from competitors and reach a larger audience for growth.

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