Bryant Bank



Bryant Bank wanted to introduce their newest mortgage lender to the market, with a campaign that also garnered general brand awareness for the bank and their mortgage services. We set out to communicate that Bryant Bank’s Alabama Dream Team has what dreams are made of: great lender relationships, mortgage experience and local roots.


Hip Brand created a campaign that included print advertising, direct mail post cards, email and paid social media. Since Bryant Bank features the state of Alabama as their logo icon, we used the state shape in the advertising to communicate their strong local bank message. After all, owning a home isn’t just the American dream, it’s also the Alabama dream.


A fun meet and greet invited local real estate agents to delicious ribs from another Southern legend: Dreamland BBQ. The invite’s cover got attention with: As Local Lenders, We Know Homes Aren’t The Only Things With Good Bones. For more momentum, we created a fun social giveaway: “Alabama Home Lending Is In Our Bones,” where participants could enter the Great Alabama Dream Giveaway and win Dreamland Rib Gift Cards!

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