C2C People Pay



As digital banking continues to change the industry, it is important for banks to launch new products that allow their customers to bank the way they live. The Citizens Bank is not only committed to launching the latest ways to bank, they strive to do so in ways that reflect their brand. That is why they often turn to Hip Brand Group to develop strategies for communicating the launch of new products to their customers and in their markets.


Better banking products deserve better bank marketing. A unique name and striking visual approach. Creative and distinctive concepts that communicate the value of the products in ways that cut through the bank marketing clutter. Of course, a timely introduction that beats other banks to market is crucial.


C2C People Pay came to life online and in branch to communicate to Citizens customers exactly how the bank is changing how money changes hands. An informative online FAQ gives customers step by step instructions on how to use C2C when they’re on the spot or need to spot someone cash. A fun attention getting radio spot will introduce C2C throughout the Citizens footprint.

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