FirstBank Web



When it comes to bank marketing initiatives, your bank’s website should be your number one priority. Our goal for the new FirstBank website was that it be as branded and intelligent as any national bank, but with an inviting community bank flair. It was also important that it be accessible to everyone. As customers increasingly perceive banks as having similar services and products, it is important that your bank use authenticity as a differentiating factor.


Launched in 2017, the website concept communicates FirstBanks’ deep regional history, culture of accessibility and cutting-edge mobile technology and products with visuals and copy that create an impression of FirstBank as the best of the New South. This message was crafted using visuals of the South’s fresh air lifestyle reinforce the bank’s “fresh thinking” such as cutting-edge mobile banking and accessible higher ups. Scenes of life in the South’s iconic cities and close-knit communities communicate that these products and services will be delivered by a bank that shares the viewers’ values and beloved culture (deep roots).


FirstBank’s new branded and ADA compliant website was well received by everyone. One great testament to the new site’s power as a virtual branch are the record number of new online account openings. From featuring the bank’s 20 market presidents to showcasing real business clients alongside their business bankers to cross selling with ad strips and footer offers there’s no doubt that the new FirstBank website clearly reinvigorated the FirstBank brand. The site stays fresh and on top of the search engines with the ongoing addition of new features and content including YEXT search, business online banking tutorials, digital demos and more.

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