SwipeSmart Checking



To attract new customers, it’s important that financial institutions deliver fresh, innovative products that offer more. An expense that leads to real financial losses for families has always been overdraft fees which banks are beginning to ditch or reduce. FirstBank’s answer to this is a new product designed to give kids their own bank account and debit card but under the watchful eye of their parents.


Wherever we can, we recommend to our FI clients that they brand their products to make their advertising cut through and differentiate them from more mundane institutions. This could mean a unique name that identifies the product’s benefits or a logo that adds real brand strength to a new product launch. SwipeSmart was born to get the attention of parents who want to give their kids a debit card while also giving them peace of mind with no overdraft fees.


The new SwipeSmart logo blends in with the FirstBank brand with a fresh, colorful look. The creative marketing targeted to parents uses fun messaging and visuals to grab attention. Digital and online advertising leads to a landing page with helpful product FAQ. Account openings are on the rise as SwipeSmart launches and FirstBank’s smart product branding helps the product and their brand stand out.

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