High Five Giveaway



We have found that running fun social campaigns for events like Community Banking Month can be a great way to celebrate a bank’s customers and communities while at the same time building social followers. It also provides an excellent opportunity to promote the local bank advantage and tie in the bank’s local communities in a fun way.


We created the Find Your Prime High Five Local Adventure Giveaway as an exciting way for everyone to put their hands together for the local communities PrimeSouth serves. The campaign consisted of Five Fridays and Five Local Adventure Giveaways. Also at the time, PrimeSouth had five branches in five communities. And, it wasn’t a coincidence that Community Banking Month is in April and April 15 is National High Five Day.


We chose the High Five theme because it’s a gesture of celebration, it’s fun, sort of quirky and different. Secondly, we liked the tie in with giving local communities a high five, a hand’s up, five star service, patting them on the back, essentially giving a high five to local! Since local attractions had suffered due to COVID-19, this was a way for PrimeSouth Bank to give back and support local businesses. The campaign resulted in thousands of entries, hundreds of new social fans and increased attendance for local attractions.

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